Photo Inspiration Challenge

Next week I am kicking off a new writing challenge.  I am teaming up with an amazing photographer – Angie McMonigal (who also just happens to be a close personal friend) for the Photo Inspiration Challenge.  Angie has chosen a handful of photos and every day next week I will post a blog that was inspired by the photo.  In some cases, the correlation between the photo and the blog’s theme may be obvious; in other cases, the topic may seem to have nothing to do with the photo …except to me, of course.

Tune in next Monday for the first exciting installment of the Photo Inspiration Challenge.  In the meantime, check out the website or Facebook page of Angie McMonigal Photography.

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3 Responses to Photo Inspiration Challenge

  1. "M" says:

    Sounds great – I do the same thing! I take a set of pictures and let them cook in the back of mind for a few days and spin a story out of it!. Check out my blog!


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