Simple prayer. Profound meditation.

Photo Credit: Angie McMonigal Photography

please… please.. please…

I whispered the words softly, quietly.

Please. Please. Please.

I chanted the words silently, but strongly.

As I stood in the bridal waiting room at the back of the church, ready to step out to a church filled with family and friends where my soon-to-be-husband was standing at the altar, I breathed those simple words.

Please. Please. Please.

The words were half prayer, holding a sea of emotions, hopes, and fears.  Not a prayer for divine intervention, but rather, an appeal for serenity, strength, and mindfulness.   As one of the most basic religious exercises, prayer has been shown to improve calmness, by strengthening brain regions that foster compassion and by calming brain regions linked to fear and anger.

And the words were also half mantra meditation, helping to calm my mind – my monkey mind, as Buddhists call it.  Derived from the Sanskit word for “mind tool,” mantra meditation involves chanting a single word or phrase in order to focus the mind.  Eventually the mind focuses more on the rhythm of the words, and less on the words themselves.

Please. Please. Please.

Please don’t let me trip walking down the aisle.

Please don’t let me break into uncontrollable sobbing.

Please let my husband feel as sure about this day as I am.

Please. Please. Please.

Please let this be more than just the wedding I dreamed of, but also the marriage that we both deserve.

Please make us family.

Please give me strength.

Please give us strength.

Please. Please. Please.

Please…such a simple word, but a profound word.  As I chanted that simple word in sighs and whispers, the clouds of nervousness, anxiety, and worry parted.  The rays of strength, confidence, hopefulness, and faith shone down.

And so, today, as we celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary, I say not one, but two, simple and profound words…Thank you.

How do you calm and focus your mind?  Do you pray?  Meditate?  Something else?

This post is part of the weekly Photo Inspiration Challenge.  Special thanks to Angie McMonigal Photography for her fabulous photos.  Make sure to visit her website or facebook page.

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51 Responses to Simple prayer. Profound meditation.

  1. Jay says:

    Happy anniversary to one of the couples I most admire for the love, kindness and caring you show for each other.

  2. mamamash says:

    Happy anniversary! Anytime I get stressed, praying over and over again, sort of like a chant, usually helps. And if not, well, then I take a nap. HA!

  3. I practice a lot of yoga. After class we chant, in Sanskrit. Both the yoga and the chant are calming. Without it I’d be a lot more crazed than I am. I agree that whatever it is for you, it’s worth discovering.

  4. Julia says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. parentinglicensehandbook says:

    Grateful for the goodness and light that comes from the two of you.

  6. Congrats on your 8 years! As for me? I will sometimes do the prayer/chant thing and sometimes I resort to some deep breaths.

  7. Mayor Gia says:

    Aw Happy Anniversary! “Please please please” sounds like a good chant, I may use it sometime.

  8. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms says:

    Yes, I pray. And I believe. Happy Anniversary! The prayers really are about the marriage, aren’t they? Maintaining that makes the wedding seem like a piece of cake. Ellen

  9. Congrats on 8 years, and also for what I assume was a drama-free wedding ceremony.

    I don’t say any specific words, but I do like to take deep breaths. It almost always helps me to calm down and think straight.

    • Thanks. Oh, there was certainly drama. Fortunately, none of it affected me. Just the usual drunk friend drama 🙂 I try to get my kids to do deep breaths but I’m not nearly as good as it. I guess it takes some practice, huh?

  10. sisterhoodofthesensiblemoms says:

    I pray and I believe. Congratulations on keeping your marriage strong and healthy. Ellen

  11. Happy Anniversary! Seems like the pleases worked!

  12. I’m a word repeater as well. The power of words is amazing to me. Even reading this, reading the repetition of your “pleases” was calming in some way.

    Happy Anniversary!

  13. jamie says:

    Christine, happy anniversary!!!
    Christ is the Prince of Peace. Cast all your cares unto Him.

  14. Happy Anniversary. I loved the simplicity. God knows what we need and so often we feel like we need to be verbose and go into detail.


  15. Happy anniversary, many more! I chant too. Helps me not scream 😉

  16. suzy016 says:

    hope you have a wonderful anniversary celebration! i find myself whispering please more often than i expect and more often than i expect, that request is answered!

  17. Happy anniversary! I do pray. Though sometimes I’m too exhausted to get out anything but “Help.”

  18. Stephanie says:

    Happy eight years of marriage!

  19. raisingivy says:

    How very sweet. I’ve been married six happy years but still feel the butterflies in the stomach when my husband walks in the door from work. Happy anniversary and may you have many more.

  20. Today is my anniversary! Congratulations!

    During my wedding day, I had terrible morning sickness (yep, it was one of those) so all I could think of was, “Please, don’t throw up during the ceremony.”

  21. Betsy at Zen Mama says:

    Thanks for the link to my monkey mind post! So glad you liked it! I’m looking forward to reading through your blog!

  22. SUCH a beautiful post!!! I had a fraction of a second, just before my parents gave me away, where I worried I would break into the ugly cry. I thought to myself, “No. Stop. Be in the moment. Enjoy.” And the tears melted away.

  23. Stacey says:

    Happy Anniversary to you two! Yes, I pray. Not sure what I would do without it, really. 🙂

  24. scribme says:

    Happy anniversary!!

  25. Oh I adore this take on “please and thank you.” Wonderful. And congrats on eight years!

  26. Ado says:

    Oh, this is beautiful. Thank you! (-:

  27. This is so lovely, and i do believe your prayer worked! Happy anniversary!

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