Featured Post at Provoketive: “Turning Up the Volume on the Muted Religious Left”

Guest posting seems to be my theme of the week, with posts at Urban Times and Alise Write earlier this week.  Today I have the featured post at Provoketive.  True to Provoketive’s mission to “provoke the reader’s imagination through conversation and open up spaces of dialogue, learning, and hope,” today’s post – Turning Up the Volume on the Religious Left – talks about America’s declining religiosity and how this is particularly detrimental to the Religious Left.

“…the decline in religiosity and the nature of the decline – particularly in the decline among would-be religious liberals – has had, and will continue to have, profound effects on our society.  The voices of the Religious Right and traditional religion are getting stronger, with the voices of the would-be religious liberals dissipating.  To some extent,the Religious Left has been muted.”

The post talks about religious liberals, social activism, and the interplay between the two.  Why don’t you come on over, give it a read, and share your thoughts?

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