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Lost and Found

I crouch down and peer into the dark caverns under the couch. I find a missing ball, plenty of dust bunnies, and 36 cents, but the missing object is not there. I look behind the chair, under the couch cushions, … Continue reading

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The Most Controversial Issue Facing American Culture Today?

This post may be my most controversial post to date.  I’m going to address what might be one of the most divisive and provocative issues facing our society today.  No, it’s not marriage equality or the protection of women’s reproductive … Continue reading

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Most Beautiful of Life’s Seasons

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.”  ~Author Unknown Summer vacation has officially started for our family.  School is out.  There have already been a few dips in our neighbor’s pool (thanks, neighbors!!). We are heading up to … Continue reading

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A Different Sort of Mother’s Day Tribute

As we all know, today is Mother’s Day.  A day filled with flowers and cards, family outings and brunches, smiles and hugs.  The internet is filled with touching stories of a mother’s love, expressions of gratitude, and notes of appreciation. … Continue reading

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Have They Ever Known…?

I recently read that the city council of Naperville, a western suburb of Chicago, had approved the development of Naperville Family Building Center, a fertility clinic run by Dr. Randy Morris that will provide in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility … Continue reading

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The Magic Number 33

When was that point in your life when you felt the happiest, the most fulfilled, the most comfortable? Have you gotten there yet?  Are you there now? Are you still waiting?  Or do you wish you could go back in … Continue reading

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Don’t disappear in your own life

Do you ever feel like you are disappearing in the random pebbles and stones of your daily life?  Like your life has been affixed with a label that characterizes the million miniscule tasks and chores performed each day, a label … Continue reading

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