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These words have an uncertain future. The letters that are arranged to form the words, that are separated by punctuation in accordance with grammatical rules, have high hopes of becoming representations of thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams, fears and … Continue reading

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Above the Water

Have you ever felt like you are just barely keeping your head above water? Like the number of chores and projects on your to-do list are growing at a faster pace than tasks can be crossed off the list? Like … Continue reading

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The thoughts come to you slowly at first. But soon enough the ideas are bouncing around like tiny white pellets in a pinball machine. The excitement brews, bubbling with anticipation and eagerness. You stare ahead, eyes wide, transfixed by your … Continue reading

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Ferris, the Dude, and Pooh’s Honey Pot

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a fascinating blog post by Betsy at Zen Mama that highlighted some of the best Taoist quotes from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. I had been meaning to read The Tao of … Continue reading

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Memories of Sixth Grade Gym Class

I am standing against the gym wall, one of only two girls who have not yet been chosen by a team. Pick me.  Please pick me. Don’t let me be the last person picked. Please God. I push my glasses … Continue reading

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That Nasty Beautiful Bug

That bug.  That nasty, creepy-crawly, disgusting bug. That bug.  That beautiful, golden, iridescently luminous bug. Have you ever noticed how our perspectives on a situation can change given its background, framework, and surroundings? Upon discovering the bug in this photo … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Spring is in the air.  Tonight we will “spring” the clocks ahead one hour, temperatures are rising, and just a couple days ago I spotted a bright red cardinal perched in the tree in our backyard. Spring also means spring … Continue reading

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